H3P commitment


Association Jeunes Talents

The Association Jeunes Talents supports young musicians and singers trained within France’s network of music conservatories. Its ambition is to make classical music accessible to the widest possible public, by organising concerts.
H3P has supported this association since 2011 and sponsors a monthly “Piano of the Prince” concert.



“The staff of H3P share the same values of effort and exchange as our Young Talents. Over and above the difference in their professions, they are united by the same quest for excellence!”

Laurent Bureau
Artistic Director of the association
  • Participatory philanthropy and crowdfunding

    This young start-up is France’s participatory financing hub dedicated to heritage and culture. Over the last three years and more, its team has developed innovatory services – thanks to its digital agency – to render culture more attractive and more accessible. Sensitive to the preservation of France’s cultural heritage, H3P supports this project and has contributed, in particular, to the renovation of the Abbaye Royale de Moncel in the Oise department of France.



    “H3P has supported us from the start, for which we are particularly grateful. H3P has faith in our project and in the values we defend. For our part, we share with them a taste for challenge and a belief in business initiative!”

    Romain Delaume

  • Benoit Soulies and his solo crossing of the Atlantic

    In 2012, H3P chose to support this French rower for his participation in the 3rd edition of the Bouvet Guyana competition. The challenge for this ex-rugby player from Toulouse aged 41: a solo non-stop crossing of the Atlantic from Dakar to Cayenne, without assistance, on the Bel O N°31, an 8 metre boat. Benoit left Senegal on 29 January 2012 and reached Guyana on 10 March 2012.



    “What a pleasure to cross the finishing line after 41 days, 7 hours, 33 minutes and 12 seconds! H3P had confidence in me from the start and supported me throughout the adventure.”

    Benoît Soulies

Professional Institutions

  • OEC

    OEC (Ordre des experts comptables) is placed under the authority of the French ministry of the economy and in turn has authority over France’s main network of practising accountants.


    Since may 2016, MAPPP becomes FIN INFRA. This new service with national skill takes over and expand the prerogatives of the former mission.

  • IGD

    IGD (Institut de la Gestion Déléguée) is a corporate not-for-profit foundation focusing on improving the quality of public service performance in particular in the context of PPPs.


    IFACI (Institut français de l’audit et du contrôle interne) counts more than 4,000 audit and internal control professionals in France. It supports the dissemination of international standards and best practices.

  • DFCG

    DFCG (Directeurs Financiers et de Contrôle de Gestion), a national association of finance professionals, has in excess of 3,000 members throughout France representing multiple business sectors and companies of all sizes from SMEs to major international groups.

  • CNCC

    The CNCC (Compagnie nationale des commissaires aux comptes) is the French institute of professional auditors.

  • Club Thot

    The Club Thot is a multidisciplinary professional network of accountants, lawyers, auditors and other business and law specialists, which has achieved notoriety and recognition by the players involved in design, communication, live entertainment and the audio-visual industry.


    CEF-O-PPP, France’s centre of expertise for the observation of public-private partnerships (PPPs), provides a forum for dialogue and shared reflexion by the public and private players involved in PPPs, focusing on the best use of Partnership Contracts and similar contracts known in France by acronyms such as BEA, BEH, AOT/LOA.

  • CAVP

    CAVP, the audio-visual club of Paris, brings together publishers, producers, scriptwriters, authors and directors sharing the same values and goals.